Character Creation

Character creation uses the standard 4E rules with some exceptions:

Bonus Feat
Characters may start with one of the following feats for free:
Heat Adaptation
Mounted Combat
Far Thought
Sturdy Mind
Focused Mind
Wild Talent Master (If you choose this feat your talents will be chosen randomly)

Illegal Feats
No Spellscarred Feats
No Dragonmark or Bloodline feats. These may added later, depending on how things go.

The following themes are ILLEGAL:
Athasian Minstrel
Fey Beast Tamer
Harper Agent
Infernal Prince
Nobel Adept
Oghma’s Faithful
Oracle of the Evil Eye
Sentinel Marshal
Spellscarred Harbinger
Student of Evard
Unseelie Agent
Vile Scholar
Wild Hunt Rider

Allowed Races
All races from the all three Players Handbook are allowed with the exception of immortal races. Sorry no Shardminds or Devas.

Characters will be native to the Wild Dunes. If you have a really great idea for an ‘outsider’ type of character ask the DM and will we try to work it out. Players are encourage to create connections with one another’s characters as family, friends, rivals, co-workers etc.

If you want to be evil, contact the DM to talk about it. You can’t ALL be evil.

See also: Religion

Character Creation

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