Mundane Locations
Settlement of Ashkar-a small settlement located along the Caliph’s Road trade route

Al-Zarhem- Ruled over by Caliph Dubar Hal-hosh, Zarhem is one of the great city of Wild Dunes, known for it bustling trade, intrigue and the renown Guild of Elementalists. Al-Zarhem is one of the few places where mortals and Genie-kind co-exist in a mostly peaceful manner.

Legendary Locations
(Legendary locations may or may not be real)
The Oasis of the Golden Sands-Somewhere to the west of Ashkar is rumor to be an oasis inhabited by a genie. The location of the oasis would make it a valuable stop over in a new trade route between the foreign lands the city of Al-Zarhem

Merihal’s Pavilion- The genie Marihal is said to host a great Pavilion offering are manners of food, drink, entertainment and most importantly gambling. Many inhabitants of the desert debate on the location of Merihal’s Pavilion. Many swear to have seen it only to be unable to find it later.


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