Worship of some gods of Faerun is uncommon but not unheard of with the exception of Selune, Shar, Kossuth, and Sharess who known as Bast. Rumors of a cult of Auril persist.


Anhur : God of war, conflict, physical prowess, thunder, rain
Geb : God of the earth, miners, mines, mineral resources
Hathor : Goddess of motherhood, folk music, dance, the moon, fate
Horus-Re : God of the sun, vengeance, rulership, kings, life
Ishtar: Goddess of weather, rivers, agriculture, love, marriage, good magic
Nephthys : Goddess of wealth, trade, protector of children and the dead
Osiris : God of vegetation, death, the dead, justice, harvest
Sebek : God of river hazards, crocodiles, werecrocodiles, wetlands
Set : God of the desert, destruction, drought, night, rot,snakes, hate, betrayal, evil magic, ambition, poison, murder
Thoth: God of neutral magic, scribes, knowledge, invention, secrets
Bast: Goddess of hedonism, sensual fulfillment, festhalls, and cats

Players can follow any of the gods here except Set and Shar.


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