Special Rules and Mechanics

In the desert water is always a concern. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with dehydration.

For every day you got without water you must make an endurance check. Each day you fail your endurance check you lose one healing and suffer a cumulative penalty to future checks.

Calling on Fate
When you find yourself in a desperate situation you can call on Fate, for better or worse. It may effect you, your enemy, or everyone in the area. When you call on Fate you do so that your own risk.

Calling on Fate can be done as long as you have at least one Fate Point. Points are awarded every time you hit a milestone. Fate Points don’t reset when you take an extended rest and carry over from session to session. You can use one Fate Point per encounter. Fate Points can also be used out side of encounters at your own risk.

There are not set ‘things’ that happen when you call on fate. Everything is randomly determined and even DM does not know what will happen (DM reserves the right to tweak results to keep encounters fun and interesting).

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Special Rules and Mechanics

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